Top 13 PPC Tips For Your 2020 Marketing Campaigns

  1. Develop A Realistic Budget. Whether you are running your ads yourself or hiring a marketing agency, you need to make sure you are developing a budget with a positive ROI. 
  2. Choose A Bid Strategy. How PPC campaigns are optimized directly depends on what goals you are trying to accomplish. So start by defining your goals. If your goal is to drive more traffic to your website or generate more leads, you need to be specific and select the strategy that aligns with that goal.
  3. Select Your Target Locations Carefully. Selecting your target locations should be easy. Choose the areas that make sense for your business. If you only provide a service in a specific place, only promote ads in that location. Targeting outside of your service areas will cause unnecessary spend.
  4. Show Your Ads At The Right Time. Knowing what time your ads should run comes down to 4 questions. When are potential customers searching for your service? When are potential customers calling about your service? What time is your business open? Are you equipped to handle calls or emails after business hours? Once you figure out the answer to these questions, you can establish an ad schedule.
  5. Remove Redundant Keywords. Google’s search algorithm has gotten smarter. No longer do we need to include misspelled or similar phrases (i.e., company or companies). 
  6. Focus On High Performing Keywords & Eliminate Low Performing Keywords. No long explanation here. If you have keywords that are not producing results or have a low CTR, remove them.
  7. Create Enticing Ad Copy. The ad copy is the first thing a potential customer sees, and you have about 3 seconds to grab their attention. Create a headline that is catchy and descriptions that are clear, concise and get straight to the point. If the potential customer can’t see right away how your ad is relevant to their search, they will scroll down to the next ad.
  8. Add A Strong Call-To-Action. Give the potential customer a reason to click on your ad. Using terms like “Click Here” is too generic. Instead, use phrases that convince them to complete the desired action after they click. “Sign Up For A Free Service Today” or “Call Now For A Free Quote” are examples of strong CTA’s.
  9. Create Ad Specific Landing Pages. Although you can send traffic to your website, it is best practice to create a specific landing page for your ads. This allows potential customers to see relevant information to the exact ad they clicked on. By sending them to a page with general information, you run the risk of losing their attention and thus wasted spend.
  10. Create Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages. Nowadays the majority of search traffic comes from mobile devices. Potential customers take about 4 seconds to decide if they are going to stay on the page you sent them. If your landing page isn’t mobile-friendly and too hard to navigate, once again you run the risk of losing them and waste spend.
  11. Experiment/Test Your Ads And Landing Pages. If you have different promotions, different offers or want to try out different wording, go ahead and test them out. PPC can produce results quickly and let you know which ads are performing better. If a particular offer or phrase doesn’t work, adjust it!
  12. Track Your Results. Never forget to track your PPC campaigns. Your PPC Campaigns need to be continuously monitored and optimized to produce the best results. 
  13. Prepare For Voice Search. Although still relatively new, as Siri, Google and Alexa become more popular ways to search for products or services, you need to be ready to respond. Adding “Ok Google” to your Search Terms in your Google Ad campaign can help those voice searchers seeking similar products find your products.

Setting up your PPC Ads can be easy but when you don’t have the time to constantly monitor and optimize your campaigns, trust the experts at Real Green. With industry knowledge and certified team members, we have the right tools to make your campaigns successful and meet your ROI goals. Contact us today to see how we can help you. Your Success is Our Top Priority!

Bethany Swaney has over seven years of experience in marketing and advertising for both B2C and B2B industries, with expertise in social and digital media strategies. Before joining Real Green Systems as the Senior Paid Media Specialist in 2018, Swaney worked as a Marketing Manager for a variety of different industries including Property Management as well as Acoustic and Automotive Engineering. With a well-rounded background, Swaney provides unique and creative strategies to develop successful paid media campaigns for our clients and help their businesses grow.


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In her free time, Swaney enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and kayaking with her husband and two dogs.

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Swaney is passionate about all things design and marketing. If she is not spending time outdoors, you can find her in her home office creating t-shirts, wedding invitations, wood signs, and much more.

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