SA5: What’s new?

At Real Green Systems, we are always working to make sure our products and services provide you with the best-in-class lawn care business software in the industry. That’s never more true than with Service Assistant 5, the CRM software that puts your entire business at your fingertips. We’ve recently made a few important updates to SA5, all to help you save time, save money and grow your business. Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

Detailed Customer Value Information:

On the Customer Screen, you’ll see a new field: Value, which highlights the monetary value of each customer. When you hover over the number, you’ll see a breakdown of Completed Services and Services to be Done.

More Efficient (and accurate) Routing Solutions:

Here’s an important change for our customers who routinely send out multi-person teams for a single job: SA5 now enables you to route crews. For example: Say you have a three-person crew assigned to a property. SA5 will divide the time it would take a single person to complete the job by three and assign that amount of time to the job. So, if the job takes one person 60 minutes to complete but you have three people on the way, SA5 will assign 20 minutes for the job. If one person calls in sick, SA5 will automatically re-adjust the time to 30 minutes – providing more accurate scheduling and routing.

View Customers’ CAW Accounts Directly from SA5

This new feature gives you the ability to get a customer’s-eye view of their Customer Assistant Website directly from Service Assistant 5. When a customer calls you with a question or concern, you now have the ability to log in and see what they are seeing – giving you the ability to more efficiently, effectively help them with any issues they might have. From the customer’s account in SA5, go to the Tools Menu

From the customer’s account in SA5, go to the Tools Menu

Select CAW Customer View Login




This will open a new window showing you that customer’s home screen


Not using SA5 yet? Find out just how much Service Assistant 5 can do for your business contact us for a demo today:

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