September 2017 Marketing Tip

Fall Lawn Care Tips by Real Green Systems
The nights are getting cooler, leaves are falling and the days are shorter. It’s time to prepare your lawn for winter.

Fall Fertilization
Adding fertilizer before the lawn goes dormant will add nutrients that stimulate root growth. The lawn will come back thicker in the spring after feeding all winter.

Fall Aeration
Remember to aerate the lawn during the cool fall weather. The plugs that are pulled from the lawn break down into the turf. The plugs add the nutrients into the soil and give the roots room to grow over the winter.

Fall Overseeding
Seed placed on the ground after aeration will come up in the spring. The seed falls into the holes with nutrients and water. The seed comes up and gives the lawn a thicker appearance. Thicker lawns keep weeds and pests out.

Falling Leaves
Remove leaves several times prior to winter. Leaves will keep the sunlight, seeds and nutrients out.

Preventative Fall Pest Control
It’s that time of year again. The weather starts to cool and pests want in.

The summer grass, flowers and trees change with the weather and leave rodents, pests and insects looking for a new home. Pests and insects move into your customers home looking for warmth and food. Their home provides them with both. Send your customers direct mail postcards reminding them to treat for pests and insects in the fall.

Professional inspections find the problem areas that the homeowners overlook. Regular inspections help your customers avoid costly damage to their home before it happens. Pests can bring increased health risks that lead to disease. Remind them to pest proof as the weather is becoming cool.

Upsells for your consideration:

  • One free evaluation both inside and outside the home. Then upsell them 6 other applications for the rest of the year.
  • Discount 5% for one year of prepaid pest control service.

Send out marketing materials as a fall promotion. Channels such as social media, email and direct mail can generate new sales opportunities.


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