Saving a Customer Who Wants to Cancel

It’s the call none of us wants to get: A customer who’s asking to cancel. Are you and your staff prepared to save them? The good news is that there are effective strategies to keep customers without sacrificing their overall value to your business.

One of the main reasons for customer cancellations is financial hardship. As our country and our economy slowly emerge from quarantine, it’s possible that many of our customers are reassessing their household budgets – what’s in and what’s out. This is the reality, and this is what’s happening as your invoices for the season’s first services are going out. Right now, when their lawn requires little effort and still looks green and weed-free, customers might not consider lawn care to be a necessary expense.

What they also likely aren’t considering is that the reason their lawn looks green and weed-free right now is because of your service! It’s essential to remind them of why they hired you in the first place. If you’re using Service Assistant’s call log, you will have a record of that initial call. Often, a gentle reminder that if service isn’t maintained, their original issue will return is all it takes to change a customer’s mind.

One important way to help save a customer is to make your service more affordable. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to lower your prices – it can be as simple as spreading out payments to better fit your customer’s budget. The “Installments” feature in Service Assistant gives you this functionality (often referred to in our industry as “budget billing”). Setting up a series of lower payments over a period of time, rather than invoicing for one larger lump sum payment, can be a very effective way to retain a budget-conscious customer.

It’s also critical that you never stop marketing to your existing customers – continually reselling is key so that they realize that even after their initial lawn or pest issue is resolved, ongoing service is crucial to keep everything healthy. Every contact with every customer should include a personalized value proposition, an offer that speaks to their individual concerns. With a Customer Assistant Website, you can create customized offers based on each customer’s specific needs; with Automated Marketing Assistant, you can easily and automatically send effective marketing materials letting customers know how easy it is to do business with you by offering online auto-pay and pre-payment discounts.

A customer who wants to cancel service is never a lost cause – and Real Green Systems offers numerous solutions to help save them.

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