March 2020 Marketing Tip

Is neighborhood and new homeowner marketing still relevant?

Send during round one when the dandelions and weeds are popping up. 

Yes! Especially for lawn care, pest control, landscaping and other service industry businesses. Realtors do it all the time with “Just Listed/Sold” mailers, which let neighbors know which properties are on the move and who is handling the sale. And who hasn’t been bombarded with flyers and coupons from the neighborhood pizza restaurants – especially when you are new to a neighborhood? They’re masters at neighborhood marketing.

Just Listed! Just Sold! These are great words if you sell houses…not so much if you sell lawn care. You’ve worked too hard to build your customer list only to lose customers when the housing market picks up in the spring. For example: Say your company covers several neighborhoods in a specific zip code and you have optimized your route to cover neighborhoods in that zip — but you suddenly have several customers move across town. How do you market to the new homeowners? How do you keep up with the customers that move out? Should you reach out to other neighbors?

There’s no need to recreate the wheel! Use what has worked for you or others in the past, tweaked for your company, products and services. Postcards are a time-honored, cost-efficient and effective means of neighborhood marketing. You can use one of our many customizable designs, or have our design experts create something especially for your company. Either way, neighborhood and new homeowner marketing will grow your business.

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