March 2020 Digital Marketing Tip

Work Smarter not Harder with Automated Marketing Assistant

Real Green Systems’ Automated Marketing Assistant® (AMA) is designed to make connecting with your customers easier than ever. Get on board and take advantage of this easy-to-use system that will work for you! 

Looking for an easy and effective way to communicate with your customers? With AMA, you have access to more than 50 set-it-and-forget-it options including email marketing, customer prepay letters and automated follow-ups. AMA integrates seamlessly with Service Assistant, providing you a central hub to promote your business, manage the growth of your company and communicate with customers through automated messages, creating more time for you to focus on finding leads. 

The Command Center, the hub of it all, has some new features that will improve your workflow. There’s a new editor for the AMA product templates for a simpler, easier editing experience. For example, if you make a mistake after you’ve created your template, the editor will now allow you to go back to make corrections. In fact, all AMA email templates are customizable, including triggered emails like the Before and After Service messages. Also newly added to the Command Center is a “draft” feature, enabling you to pause working on a new template and return to it later instead of feeling rushed to finish everything in one sitting. 

Prepay Emails can now be sent on a specific calendar date. Creating a special customer incentive for Christmas? Schedule a prepay email ahead of time so you’ll never lose track of prepay season.

After Service Email condition codes will be automatically removed from an automatic email if customers are already scheduled for an offer, service or upsell. 

Proven Results Automated Marketing Assistant is a result-driven platform, providing the best marketing communications for simple, quick and convenient delivery. Recent AMA statistics show how AMA has helped our clients grow their businesses: 

Cancelled emails: If a customer cancels services, through AMA they receive an automated message. Out of the 97,880 cancelled emails sent, 6,519 customers responded to have those services completed, or rescheduled, equating to a 6.66% win back of activated customers. 

Estimate Follow Up emails: 210,996 Estimate Follow Up emails were sent out to customers. Out of those, 110,513 followed up regarding their estimate, for an impressive win back rate of 52.38%.

Rejection of services emails: Customers who may have rejected lawn care, landscaping or pest control services received an automated rejected email. Out of the 35,182 rejected emails sent, 3,421 customers came back to have services after receiving the email, totaling 9.72% win back of customer activation in AMA. Overall, AMA has had a total of 856,162 emails sent out and helped our customers gain 258,551 customers because of those letters, totaling a 30.2% win back. 

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