Lawn Care Tips

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Summer lawn care tips

Teach your customers proper lawn care between treatments. The summer heat is approaching fast. Lawns are starting to slow down after spring rains. Summer means that lawns can be cut longer. Adjust the lawnmower to the top one or two settings. Keeping the blade sharp will help when mulching the grass. Taller lawns force the roots to grow longer into the soil. Longer root systems will soak in nutrients and water faster.

Water early in the morning. It is best to water the lawn during that first cup of coffee. This will allow the soil to soak up the moisture throughout the day. Water once or twice a week. It is typically too warm during the day and won’t get the water down into the roots. Watering in the afternoon sun will cause the water to evaporate. Don’t water the lawn at night after work! Watering at night is just as bad as cutting the lawn short like a putting green. The water sits on the lawn all night and can cause disease.

Only water long enough for the water to reach the bottom of the root system. How do you figure out the depth of the roots? Simply dig into the sod with a shovel and pull a small section back. The roots should reach down at least 5 to 6 inches. Remind new customers that lawn aeration in the spring and fall can help build a stronger root system.

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