July 2019 Marketing Tip

Protect your customers from mosquitoes this summer.

Mosquito control will be very important to your customers in the weeks to come. Much of the United States has been experiencing wet spring weather. Reach out now and let them know you offer protection from mosquitoes.

Temperatures are rising.
Nice summer days over 80 degrees have mosquitoes on the move. Prime breeding season starts in July and won’t slow until the cooler fall temperatures arrive. These pests can carry dangerous diseases that can harm family members and pets. Help your customers keep their loved ones safe. Let them know you can provide effective Mosquito Control – so they can enjoy the outdoors in peace.

Your customers need to know the important role Mosquito Control applications play in keeping themselves, their families and pets safe. These postcards from Real Green Systems can help!

Summer is here! Don’t forget about flea and tick control!
We are here to help you tap into increasing revenues and growing your business with this up-sell service. Start selling today!

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