Do you want grubs with that?

Do you want grubs with that?

Don’t worry, Real Green isn’t serving up the new veggie burger with fries. However, cross-selling and upsells work for your local burger joint. Why not use it with grub control, mosquito spray, spring aeration or dandelions?

Real Green’s Free Marketing Seminar Series wrapped up with the final stop last week in Detroit. Brian Bacigalupo, Tim Romisch and Brian Wareck met with Michigan based lawn care, pest control and landscaping companies. Real Green’s Marketing Experts have toured to 10 cities since late November. 

Bacigalupo was quoted as saying “It’s just like the Kid’s Meal! You get the cheeseburger, fries, drink, and a toy.”


Brian Bacigalupo made several fast food references during his first presentation. He had the room rolling with laughter, but it’s true. Offer your customers several options. Send them A, B, C and the “Super-Sized” option D with mosquito control. Option D saves the customer the most off of their bill. Don’t leave money on the table with too large of an offer. Bacigalupo was quoted as saying “It’s just like the Kid’s Meal! You get the cheeseburger, fries, drink and a toy.” The toy being compared to a mosquito control upsell. Why not offer your customers the same?

The cookie has crumbled

Tim Romisch followed Brian Bacigalupo and spoke about digital marketing. Tim started by asking, “How many use IP Targeting?” The cookie has crumbled and IP targeting helps convert digital advertising campaigns into sales. The crowd looked surprised that they can send digital ads that target existing customer’s neighborhoods.   

Tim started by asking, “How many use IP Targeting?”

Tim’s presentation also covered custom websites, SEO, social media and digital advertising. All services that are offered by RealGreen.Marketing. 


Brian Wareck finished up the free marketing seminar with demonstrations on SA5, CAW, Routing Assistant and AMA. Wareck provided the group with how-to tips and tricks that increase productivity. 

The three marketing experts finished the day with a Q&A for all attendees. Attendees discovered successful methods for marketing and growing their businesses. Everyone received a free 32-Page Branding & Marketing Workbook to use for the upcoming season. 

Formula – powered by Real Green Systems

Formula will be gearing up again for 2019. This is the next marketing series that takes place at the Real Green offices located in Walled Lake, MI.

You will learn the formula for growing your business through the successful introduction and marketing of new services such as mosquito control. Discover proven methods for increasing service renewals, prepay and auto-pay signups, as well as how to assess your zero-calorie revenue and trim the fat from current offerings – ensuring your business will be race ready for the 2020 season. Watch Facebook and RGS News for the updated schedule.

FREE day and a half to learn the formula for growing your business!

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