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What’s New with SA5?

Your success is our obsession, and that’s why we’re always working to make sure Service Assistant gives you the tools you need and want to make running your business easier than ever. Last month saw some exciting new SA5 updates – check out these short videos to see what’s new! You can also find out more about updates at any time by visiting the “What’s New” page in SA5. Just click on the “User Profile” icon at the top right of your screen and look for items with “new” in their descriptions.

1.     New Navigation

We’ve updated our navigation to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for

2.     Year End

Making your year-end simpler to manage with interactive checklists and complete overviews of your options

3.     Individual Installment Options

Improvements on individual installments and how to handle them


Real Green Crash Course

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Learn everything you need to know about how Real Green Systems’ integrated solutions will help you grow your business! This FREE, one-time, one-of-a-kind virtual deep dive into Real Green Systems’ software and marketing solutions is your crash course on the green industry’s best software.


With three days of live sessions, on-demand demos and virtual networking, you’ll find out how Real Green’s software and strategies are designed to work together to make running your business easier…and growing it faster.

Real Green Crash Course offers two content tracks – Software and Marketing — each with two hours of live content each day. We’ll be sharing the same valuable content each day, so you can split up your time between sessions, attend one full day or all three. And you can register for a free on-on-one session while you’re there.

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Data-Driven Direct Mail

Target the Customers that Matter for your Business

Are you letting valuable online leads disappear because someone else reached out to them before you could? With good leads, every second counts, and the faster you connect, the more likely you are to convert that lead into a paying customer. With Real Green Systems Prospect Smart, you can start treating every lead as the valuable asset it is.

Prospect Smart uses cutting-edge technology to capture, nurture and convert leads. It follows every lead from the first touchpoint all the way through the customer journey, deploying advanced data and analytics to help you close every sale.

Prospect Smart seamlessly integrates with Service Assistant 5, so every lead is automatically migrated into the system, saving you time and money – no need for manual input. With an easy-to-read dashboard displaying real-time analytics, you can easily see the ROI and measure the success of every marketing campaign you launch…and make smarter decisions for the future.

With Prospect Smart helps you connect with the right customers at the right time. The customers you need to grow your business.

Schedule your free consultation today to see just how much Prospect Smart can do for you!

Have an Issue? We’re Here to Help

In order for your business to run smoothly, our software has to work the way it’s intended to. We understand that. And we are committed to providing you with the best software and the best customer service in the business – because our goal is your success.

Our Customer Success department is dedicated to making sure that when an issue arises, Real Green Systems can help you solve it, fast and completely. As part of our ongoing efforts to upgrade our Customer Success experience across the board we’ve added a new online form for you to submit a support ticket.

Got a question? Experiencing an issue? Need assistance?
Here’s how to get help:

Just visit and click on the Tech Support button at the top right of the screen.

That will take you to a form where you can share the specifics of your issue and the best way for us to respond. Fill out the form with as much detail as you can – the more you tell us, the faster we can get you in touch with the right people to solve your problem. You can also attach screen shots or any other files that might help our team pinpoint and fix the issue.

When you’re finished, click the “open ticket” button at the bottom of the page. This will send your request directly to the correct team. You’ll immediately receive an automated response letting you know that we’ve received your request, and a member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Of course, you can still reach out by phone or email if you prefer:

Via Phone: Call 800-422-7478 (option 1) to be connected to our Tech Support team.

Via Email: Email to reach our Tech Support team.

Better Leads. Better Results. Better for your Business.

Real Green Systems Prospect Smart

What’s the key for turning leads into paying customers? Speed to lead.

This is more than just conventional wisdom. Studies have proven it to be true. And every second counts. In fact, when you follow up with a lead within five minutes, you’re nine times more likely to convert it.

You can’t afford to let solid leads evaporate because someone else got there first. Those leads are a priceless, precious commodity, and you need an integrated marketing system that treats them that way. That’s what Real Green’s Prospect Smart will do for you.

Prospect Smart uses cutting-edge technology to capture, nurture and convert leads. It follows every lead from the first touchpoint all the way through the customer journey, deploying advanced data and analytics to help you close every sale.

Prospect Smart seamlessly integrates with Service Assistant 5, so every lead is automatically migrated into the system, saving you time and money – no need for manual input.

Prospect Smart makes it easy to see your ROI for every marketing campaign you launch through real-time analytics on an easy-to-read dashboard.

With Prospect Smart, you can easily:

  • See who visits your website, where they’re coming from and what they respond to
  • Craft targeted, automated marketing messages based on customer behaviors
  • Provide visitors with the information and the products they want and need
  • Determine the ROI on every campaign because you can see what worked, and what didn’t
  • Convert more leads into customers and grow your business

Prospect Smart captures quality, accurate information. See which leads turn into sales, track your ROI and make smart decisions for the future. Speed to lead with Prospect Smart and watch your business thrive! Find out more.

Pre-Pay Letters: ‘Tis The Season!

One of the most effective ways of ensuring robust cash flow throughout the entire year – and particularly during winter’s slower months – is to make sure that as many of your customers prepay for your services as possible.

Why have customers prepay?

  • As we already mentioned, it’s a boon for your cash flow
  • Streamline your office work: Fewer billing calls and questions, less time spent tracking down late payments
  • Keep more customers: If they’ve already paid, they’re far less likely to cancel or jump to one of your competitors

How can you persuade them to prepay?

  • Offer a discount on services if they pay in advance
  • Let them know that this is a limited time offer – if they wait too long, they will miss out
  • Prepaying will save them time and hassle while ensuring they are “locked in” for your services all season

As we enter the month of November, it’s prime time to start sending out prepay letters for next season. While some customers will see that first letter and jump on it, others might either miss it, ignore it or be unpersuaded by it. With Service Assistant and Automated Marketing Assistant, you can easily set up a several-month cadence of personalized prepay letters that will automatically get sent out every month during the winter – increasing the chances that your customers will sign on.

RGPP Reconciliation Utility: Exclusively in SA5

The latest generation of Real Green Payment Processing offers unmatched safety, security, value and functionality. Now, we’re excited to announce the latest tool designed to make managing your business easier: RGPP Reconciliation Utility, available exclusively in Service Assistant 5 with our new RGPP 2.0 platform.

This new tool fully automates the reconciliation of your integrated credit card and ACH payments, which eliminates the two-step process of manually comparing the RGPP Disbursement Report with the SA Payment Report.

Check out this short video to find out more and see how to access and use this new utility.

Text Directly with Your Customers –
Straight from SA5

Thanks to our new partnership with Captivated, connecting with your customers has never been easier. Service Assistant 5 users now have the ability to text back and forth in real time with their customers directly from the customer page – no additional pages needed. Because it all happens on the customer screen, you can easily see and reference key customer information, and every interaction is logged in case you need to go back and reference a specific communication. This seamless integration will help you streamline customer communications like never before.

Check out this short demo video on the new Captivated Text Messaging Integration

that explains how to add it to your system and start using your text messaging capability today!

Protect Your Fleet with Linxup
Dash Cam Technology

Your fleet is one of your most important assets and protecting it is crucial – but you can’t be everywhere all the time. Give yourself 24/7 peace of mind with Linxup dash cams. Linxup integrates with Service Assistant to monitor your entire fleet, even when the engines are off – get alerts to theft, driving issues and more.

With Linxup, you can analyze road and driver behavior in real time and use alerts, actionable insights and video recordings to improve driver safety and lower fleet costs. It’s the perfect solution for companies with small- to mid-sized fleets.

Right now, take advantage of this exclusive offer for Service Assistant customers only: Free hardware and just $50 per month for dash cam and GPS service with a three year contract. Act fast because this offer expires on 12/31/2020!

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