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NEW Closed Loop Marketing Solution powered by Real Green Systems

The faster you connect with a lead, the better the chances are that you close the sale. Every second count! Following up within five minutes makes it nine times more likely that you’ll convert an online lead into a customer. With Real Green Systems Closed Loop Digital Marketing, leads are immediately migrated into Service Assistant. You won’t waste any time – and the proof will be in your ROI.

Our Closed Loop Digital Marketing system follows every customer from the moment they land on your website all the way through closing the sale. It lets you quickly send targeted, effective marketing communications that really work. You can track your results and your budget so that you can effectively measure each campaign’s success…and make smart decisions for the future. 

Closed Loop Marketing seamlessly integrates with Service Assistant to track and analyze customer data, starting with the first touchpoint and following their entire journey. It automatically captures quality, accurate information and displays real-time analytics on an easy-to-read dashboard, so that you can instantly see how many leads turn into sales. It works in the background, using data and analytics to give you the insight you need to send the right messages to the right customers at the right time. It eliminates the need for manual data input, enables you to instantly and effectively track your marketing ROI and send relevant, targeted communications to the customers you need to connect with. With three tiers of service and customizable options, there is a Closed Loop program that’s perfect for your business.

Click here to schedule a free demo to see how Closed Loop will help you turn priceless leads into paying customers.


RGS News June 2020: Marketing Matters – Especially Right Now

Chances are you had a marketing plan for this spring and summer. And chances are that you’ve had to change that plan. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to keep your company front and center in the minds of your customers and potential customers, even as social distancing and periodic shutdowns have necessarily changed the way we’ve had to do business. However, this short pause in activity has also presented an opportunity – an extended marketing season that gives you more time to promote your essential services…and more ways to get your message to the marketplace.

That’s where Real Green Systems comes in. Service Assistant 5 is the hub for all of your marketing activity – our CRM software makes it easy for you to not only run your day-to-day business, but to plan and run your entire marketing universe. And you can do it at any time, from anywhere, on any device. We’re here to help you market – and grow – your business.

Mobile Live: Updated and Better than Ever

Mobile Live already streamlines your business operations, keeping your entire crew connected to you, each other and your customers. Our latest update has not only improved overall functionality and provided bug fixes across the board, but it’s added several new features that make it even more valuable for your business. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • A new feature-rich, consolidated estimate form that combines three of our most popular estimates into a single, streamlined presentation
  • Improved navigation 
  • The ability to quickly and easily email customer invoices directly from the app
  • And much, much more!

Check out this quick demo from our customer success team to see just how simple it is to email invoices right from Mobile Live.

Print: Marketing Strategies for 2020’s Extended Season

With the brand new timeline for spring-summer 2020, there’s also a brand new marketing playbook. Customers are staying home, and they want to invest in their “outdoor living rooms,” and shutdowns and other social distancing regulations have pushed their decision-making timeframe further into spring than in past years. Real Green Systems can help you leverage this unique opportunity to your advantage, giving your brand and your company renewed visibility through our print, direct mail and list services.

Direct Marketing is still an effective way to spread brand awareness and sell your services, and our analytics prove it, with anywhere from a .5-1% response and sell-through rate. Real Green Systems will create and send branded, hyper-personalized letters to potential customers, with custom service offers, prepay discounts and more. You can also deploy postcards to blanket entire neighborhoods and spread brand awareness. And while the time-tested practice of “door knocking” looks different today, door hangers are still remarkably effective. People are home and looking at their mail right now, and printed pieces are a great way to make a connection with potential customers and put your company front and center in their minds. 

This is only a glimpse into Real Green Systems print and direct mail services can help you grow. Find out more: Our Vice President of Print Sales, Dave Boulter, shares his expert insights in this informative video.

Golf is Back! And So Are You.

Golf courses around the nation are now open for business – and there was much rejoicing. Now is the time to make sure that your brand is well-represented on and off the course with custom-embroidered golf shirts from Real Green Systems!

Why order branded apparel? It keeps your team looking crisp, professional and approachable – and that’s good for business. What’s more, it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to market your brand. Every time your logo is out in the world, that’s another chance for brand recognition and a positive association with your well-dressed, courteous and highly skilled team. And when it comes to a slightly more elevated look, a golf shirt embroidered with your company’s logo is the perfect solution. 

Check out our complete line of custom branded apparel to see which of our solutions will fit your team the best!

Have You Upgraded to SA5? Now’s the Time!

Are you using Service Assistant to its – and your – fullest potential? It’s the hub for all of our other solutions, including Mobile Live, Measurement Assistant, Routing Assistant, Customer Assistant Website, Automated Marketing Assistant and more. Manage and add new customers and services, run reports, take payments…Our lawn care business CRM software makes running your business easier and more efficient. And it does so from any web-enabled device.

If you haven’t upgraded from Service Assistant 4, now’s the time – especially if you’re upgrading your own devices. SA4 isn’t compatible with 4K displays; the screens will look smaller. Any “fixes” are imperfect at best: Running older monitors or running all apps through outdated equipment, which affects the performance of every application, not just Service Assistant. Plus, as it’s an aging platform, we’re not doing any more development or upgrades to SA4. Any new functionality will be on SA5 exclusively. Don’t miss out on using Service Assistant to its fullest capabilities – and yours!

Your success is our obsession and your growth is our mission. Upgrade to SA5 today so that we can most effectively help you with both!

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