August 2018 Marketing Tip

There is still time to upsell this season!

Fall Aeration and Overseeding!

Late summer and early fall are the ideal time to aerate and overseed your customers’ lawns. It’s time to send out upsell reminders to your customers. Boost your sales as the weather cools down and fall approaches. Choose from a variety of aeration and overseeding print materials, personalized for your business. Order custom upsell letters, door hangers and lawn signs in time for late summer and fall upsells. The marketing materials will have your contact information and an explanation of why this service is so important.

Aerating the customer’s lawn generates more business for you. After the aeration process, you can sell them additional fertilizer applications and overseed the lawn. The initial aeration process can cause stress to the lawn. Overseeding and fertilizer will help it recover faster. Remember not to use a fertilizer with weed control. This will stop the new seed from germinating.

Grass Seed, Overseeding,

Don’t forget to Overseed

Overseeding as the temperature cools will bring back a thick green lawn for the fall. Aeration holes provide grass seed with the best soil contact. Water is required to help the seeds germinate.

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