August 2017 Marketing Tip

Lawn Care Tips, What is aeration?


It’s that time of year again to offer fall aeration services. Late summer and early fall are the perfect time to aerate your customers’ lawns. Nutrients get trapped in the top layer of thatch over the hot summer months.

Aeration pulls thousands of tiny plugs and opens holes in the turf. These tiny holes increase soil and root development. Rain, fertilizer and nutrients soak into the lawn over the winter months. This is a great time to send out reminders to your customers.

We have specials on aeration door hangers and postcards. Pull a plug sample and simply place it in a plastic bag. Staple it to the printed piece and leave it as a reminder for your customer. The marketing materials will have your contact information and an explanation of why aeration is so important. The sample plug shows them the thatch layer and compacted soil.

Here are a few simple reminders before you start: Remind your customers that they need to water the lawn the night before. If possible, schedule a day after it has rained. The water softens the ground and makes it easier to pull plugs from the ground. It is always best to have the sprinkler heads marked as well as electric fences, cable and phone lines. This will give your customers the best results and save from property damage.

Aerating the customer’s lawn generates more business for you. After the aeration process you can sell them additional fertilizer applications and overseed the lawn. The initial aeration process can cause stress to the lawn. Overseeding and fertilizer will help it recover faster. Remember not to use fertilizer with weed control. This will stop the new seed from germinating.

Don’t forget to call us with any questions. We can design, print and mail all of you marketing materials from our offices.


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