2019 November Digital Marketing Tip

Setting SEO Expectations: 5 Tips 

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and with it, SEO. With each new update, we, as the experts in our field, need to grow and adjust our strategies to stay ahead of the ever-changing rules. It is important to be able to set realistic SEO expectations that can help your long-term strategy. SEO can take several months to a year to gain traction. Below are some expectations to set when thinking about your SEO:

  1. SEO is a Long-Term Marketing Strategy: SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that should be measured by long-term goals. SEO is not meant to be used to achieve immediate numbers and has no end dates. The longer you spend on optimizing the SEO strategies, the more successful the site will be.

  2. Try Not to Form Too Many Expectations: Every site is unique and with Google constantly growing and making updates to its algorithm, circumstances are constantly changing. Instead of focusing and setting specific results based goals, focus on setting process goals. In other words, form goals that will get you through the next few years, as SEO can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to start showing results.

  3. The Introductory Part Can Take Up to a Year: The first month of any campaign set up is critical. Ensuring that the technical aspect of SEO (setting up analytics, tag manager and search console) is set up correctly will help when measuring and adjusting the SEO strategy at each set milestone (three months, six months, etc.) It isn’t until three months that you will be able to start getting an idea on whether or not your campaign is in a good position. Increase in traffic, which can be checked through Analytics, will show if your site is heading in the right direction. However, do not be alarmed if the increase is very small, the amount of traffic to the site depends on budget and time of year. The three-month mark is also the time to start evaluating the effectiveness of the content strategy. Are customers engaged? Is the content unique and creative enough? These are the questions you should be able to be answer at this point. 

By the six-month mark, you should start seeing a steady, yet still slight, increase in traffic. It is only after running an SEO campaign after one full year that you will be able to properly measure what has been successful and what still needs improvement. This will set the baseline moving forward into the next year when measuring growth, what has been successful, what has not been successful and what changes need to be made in the maintenance due to the ever-changing Google Algorithm.

  1. SEO is About Targeted Traffic, Not Rankings: SEO used to be all about ranking for keywords in the search engines but with all of the updates and Google’s growth throughout the years, the focus has shifted from keyword rankings to getting more targeted traffic and converting them into customers. It is important to stress that ranking for specific keywords should not be the main measuring point for how well your site is doing, but rather the amount of leads and goal conversions on the site. Of course, while ranking higher in Google Search will help obtain more qualified leads, just optimizing and maintaining the site with SEO’s best practices will help bring traffic to any site.

  2. Content, Content and More Content: The new phrase being thrown around in the digital marketing world if you want your site to be successful is “good content,” but what does that mean? Good content is unique content. The more creative and unique your content is, the more engaged visitors to your site will be which leads to more, well, leads. And more leads is a more realistic goal to have than appearing first page for certain keywords.

So it is important to remember, when setting SEO expectations, that SEO is constantly changing and in order for any site to be successful, we need to keep up with the new trends and strategies. Do you need help with your digital marketing? We can help, contact a Digital Specialist today!

Molly Perkins has been working in digital marketing for over 2 years and has experience in SEO strategies. Before joining Real Green Systems as the SEO Lead in September 2019, Molly worked as an SEO Specialist for a variety of different industries at a marketing agency and recently worked to improve the SEO strategies for New Home Builders. With the experience of working with a variety of different industries, Molly is well-rounded when it comes to implementing new SEO strategies and helping clients to successfully grow their sites.

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