2019 May Marketing Tip

Boost sales with spring upsells!

Property damage and health problems are major concerns brought on by backyard pests. Pest Control is a great upsell. Spring and summer months are a great time to upsell your existing customer base. The temperature is climbing and that means mosquitoes and other outdoor pests. Help your customers rid their property of these invaders, before major damage and health problems occur.


Free pest evaluations

  1. Offer a free home inspection to determine problem areas both inside and out.
  2. Free follow-up visit until pests are eliminated.
  3. Money back guarantee if the problem is not solved.

Multi-Service Discounts
Are they already a lawn care customer? Save time and money with multiple service plans. Offer customers prepay discounts and discounts for signing up for auto-pay in addition to insect control and lawn care bundles. Good, Better and Best packages are also an effective way to boost sales.

Defend and prevent
The best defense against disease carrying mosquitos is preventing them in the first place. If you don’t currently offer mosquito control as a service, you should strongly consider it. Not only is it an additional revenue stream, it is also a public service. If you currently offer mosquito control, Real Green Systems offers a host of ways to promote it to your customers.

  • Pest Control Business Forms
  • Pest Control Marketing
  • Customer Promotional Products
  • Mosquitoes, flea and tick lawn signs
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