2018 May Marketing Tip

Having trouble with your mosquito upsells?

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Don’t bug out just yet.
It’s still spring and many of us had snow a few weeks ago. The mosquito season heats up with the warmer weather. Once again, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been tracking the the most common U.S. mosquito-borne diseases. As of autumn, 2017, Zika virus and the West Nile virus were found in the entire continental United States. If you look at a current map, activity was deceptively calm due to the winter cold. But that won’t last long.

Lost in the searches
Pest control is very competitive. There are a lot of companies for customers to choose from for service. Most people use a search engine to find a local pest service online. Don’t let your company get lost in online search results. If you’re not listed on page 1 or one of the three listings in the Local Pack, customers usually won’t take the time to find you.

Are you at the top of page 1? Go ahead and take a moment to see where you rank. We recommend going to Google for your search. Try a search for “mosquito treatment” in a city that you service (e.g., mosquito treatment 48390). It’s okay, we’ll wait.

Okay, what happened? Where are you listed? You probably saw a lot of competitors in the search results. We can help push your business to the top. For now, we are going to focus on summer upsells with current customers.

Build reoccurring revenue now
You already have sold them on other services. Start sending auto-generated emails, texts, and even letters targeting mosquito control. Yes, digital marketing, direct mail and a sales team bring big sales for your business too.


When life gives you mosquitoes
Zap them and make big sales. One of our customers was having a hard time selling mosquito control. He created one promotion that was sent out with 26 invoices on a Friday. The promotion included information on Zika and West Nile. The offer was for 1/2 off the first application. He closed for the weekend and went home. Monday morning arrived and he had 17 new sales from just 26 invoices.

Get social before the swarm
Your techs are the experts with pest hot spots. Standing water, debris, wood piles and dark damp locations are perfect breeding areas. Have the techs take photos with phones or tablets and share on the companies’ social media pages. Existing customers can share or like the photo. This can lead to new sales leads with their neighbors.

Defend and prevent
The best defense against disease carrying mosquitos is preventing them in the first place. If you don’t currently offer mosquito control as a service, you should strongly consider it. Not only is it an additional revenue stream, it is also a public service. If you currently offer mosquito control, Real Green Systems offers a host of ways to promote it to your customers.

To view or get started with your Mosquito Control Promotion, visit: RealGreen.com/ZapEm

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