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Are your customers calling you around the clock?
Now they can handle everything electronically and you can avoid late night phone calls. CAW gives your customers 24/7 support with secure online payments. Your customers can use Auto-pay and schedule automatic payments.

Tired of tracking down late payments?
Now you don’t have to. Send automatic past due reminders on late payments. Offer discounts to customers that prepay in advance. Discounted prepaid plans can be automatically set-up quarterly or even annually.

Simply plug and play
Real Green can plug the Customer Assistant Website app into your existing website. It can also be used as a stand-alone web-based application. Your customers will have a unique User ID and Password. They can log in and check payments, treatment schedule and see special offers. Login directly to the app from any computer, tablet or phone if you don’t have a company website.

Customers can view their account safe and secure
Your customer just signed into your CAW and paid. Now you have the ability to automatically send upsell emails, letters and mailing programs. Combine the CAW app with Automated Marketing Assistant and you will save time and energy.

Send automatic letters to your customers
Send emails based on your existing customer data. This data can be used to send automatic reminders. Send upsell letters to remind the customers of other services that they may have forgotten about.

The powerful combination that works
Combine the power of CAW, Automated Marketing Assistant and Referral Assistant to offer online payments, upsell and generate customer leads. Take your company to the next level with this powerful software app.

  • Synchronize data with the Real Green one-time setup
  • Refer a new customer, send them a coupon
  • Send emails directly to customers thanking them for referral
  • Email marketing at the office or from the job site
  • Follow-up with your customers automatically

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