2018 December Marketing Tip

Grow a successful marketing campaign with email append.

Real Green Systems Email Append

Data is everywhere, but what you do with it makes the difference between growing your business or floundering. Learn how to effectively use the data already in your system. If you’re missing a data component, find out where you can obtain it.

Update missing customer data with email append and reverse append. Reach out to potential customers and keep your database current. Are you looking to start an email campaign but are missing email addresses? Email append lets you add email addresses to existing customer records.

Reverse append starts with email contacts and works backward.  Add names, postal addresses and more. Clean up your current data and reach prospective customers with emails and direct mail.

Robust email solutions for append, reverse append, validation, and deployment:

  • Hundreds of demographic and lifestyle overlays to enhance your selections
  • Email addresses go through a proprietary 8-step validation process to identify records known to be associated with spam traps, invalid emails, and domains, role accounts, complainers, known hard-bounces, etc.
  • Time, date stamp and originating URL available on most records
  • Email addresses are screened for offensive originating URLs (i.e. adult websites)
  • The data is compiled from third-party opt-in data
  • Frequent additions, deletions, and hygiene processing
  • More valid matches higher than off-the-shelf email append software
  • 100% of ePostal records are opt-in for marketing purposes

Email Assets

  • Consumer ePostal Email (opt-in): 96 million+
  • Consumer eAppend: 245 million+

Email Append cannot be used with Automated Marketing Assistant (AMA). Match rate depends on the input data. Could be anywhere from 15-40% depending on the data.

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