2018 April Marketing Tip

Are you wearing your heart on your sleeve?
Your logo should be there instead!

Branded apparel is an affordable and effective branding necessity. Now that the weather is warmer, your lawn and pest technicians will be out servicing customers’ lawns and homes. If they’re showing up wearing non-corporate apparel, you are missing out on countless promotional opportunities for your business. You also risk fragmenting your brand.

Yes, you have to “brand” your staff
You’re a smart, savvy business-owner who takes marketing and branding seriously. You have probably spent thousands of dollars branding your print materials, website and vehicles. Do you want it to all fall apart the minute your technicians step out of the door? It will, if they are not all consistently and corporately dressed.

Safety first, last and always
In lawn care and pest control, corporate apparel is even more than a branding and promotional necessity – it’s a service safety feature. People want to know who is on their property and whom they are letting into their homes. Having your staff wear consistent, easily identifiable apparel with your logo can help create that sense of security that is so important to homeowners.

Don’t forget the youngsters
Did you hire summer interns for door-to-door marketing or to help out in your office? Are they outfitted? They should be. Don’t let your branding fall apart during the busy season. Always keep a few extra shirts in varying sizes on hand for your temporary help as well.

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